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The Inspiring Life Story Of Alibaba Jack Ma: Birth, Childhood, Education, Business And Entertainment Career


The 55-year-old businessman Jack Ma is from China, A politician and investor. Alibaba's co-founder Jack Ma retired as the company's Executive Chairman in September 2019. The chairman of Softbank Group's board, Jack Ma, has stepped down after serving for around 13 years. Alibaba is an international tech conglomerate. 

A global brand ambassador for Chinese business, Jack Ma is one of the world's most powerful people and has an Inspiring Life Story. As of April 2020, Jack Ma is the second richest person in China, with a net worth of $42.1 Billion. 

The Childhood and Education of Jack Ma (jack ma bio) 

Jack Ma was born in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China, on September 10, 1964, as Ma Yun. He learned English at a very early age. When he was nine years old, Jack Ma rode a bicycle 27 kilometers to guide tourists to practice his English. Continuing his pen pal relationship, Jack Ma was nicknamed Jack by a foreigner because his Chinese name was difficult to pronounce.  

Earlier, Jack Ma attended Hangzhou Teacher's Institute (now Hangzhou Normal University). Jack Ma graduated with a bachelor's degree in English in 1998. He began teaching English and international trade at Hangzhou Dianzi University after graduating. Despite trying 10 times to enroll at Harvard Business School, Jack Ma failed each time.

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Jack Ma: A Career in Business

Jack Ma has applied for 30 jobs without success. During his interview for a police job, the interviewer said that he wasn't good. He went to KFC with 24 other people, but he didn't get a job. 

In 1994, Jack Ma heard about the Internet and started the Hangzhou Haibo Translation Agency.

Jack Ma and his friends visited the United States in 1995. In the US, he found beer-related information from several countries excluding China. China is barely discussed on the Internet at all. Consequently, Jack Ma created 'ugly' website related to China with his friends and launched it at 9:40 AM. A dozen or more investors began sending Jack e-mails by 12:30. 

'China Pages' is Jack Ma's second company, founded in 1995 with He Yibing. Jack Ma and He Yibing registered Chinapages.com on May 10, 1995. It had a valuation of 800,000 USD within 3 years. 

Jack Ma began building websites for different Chinese companies after the success of China Pages. However, Jack Ma revealed in 2010 that he never wrote any code or made any sales to customers. 

Ma was president and CEO of an IT company established by the China International Electronic Commerce Center, Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, from 1998-1999. After resigning in 1999, Jack Ma founded Alibaba with 18 friends. 

Alibaba attracted $25 million in foreign investment twice, in October 1999 and January 2000. Jack Ma founded Taobao Marketplace, Alipay, Ali Mama and Lynx to improve the global e-commerce system. The company offered to buy Taobao, but Ma declined. Jerry Yang, the co-founder of Yahoo, invested $1 billion in Taobao. 

Alibaba rose over $25 billion in its IPO in September 2014 to become one of the most valuable technology companies on the planet. Alibaba became the largest public offering in US history. Jack Ma leads the Alibaba Group, which consists of Alibaba.com, Taobao Marketplace, Tmall, eTao, Alibaba Cloud Computing, Juhuasuan, 1688.com, AliExpress.com, and AliPay.

Alibaba's online transactions exceeded one trillion yuan in November 2012. Jack Ma founded the Hupan School in 2015. 

During a meeting with President Donald Trump on January 9, 2017, Jack Ma discussed 1 million job openings at Alibaba in the coming five years. 

As of September 2018, Jack Ma will step down as executive chairman of Alibaba Group. His announcements sparked reports he was forced out by Chinese officials, a claim he later denied, stating that he wants to focus on philanthropy. Daniel Zhang is currently the CEO of Alibaba. 

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Jack Ma's career in entertainment

Jack Ma made his acting debut in 2017 with the kung fu short film Gong Shou Dao. As part of Alibaba's 18th-anniversary celebrations, Jack Ma took part in a singing festival and performed several dances. 

Philanthropy: Jack Ma

Jack Ma founded the Jack Ma Foundation to improve public health, education, and the environment.

Alibaba donated $808,000 after the Sichuan earthquake in 2008. Jack Ma joined The Nature Conservancy's China program in 2009 and became one of its Directors in 2010. 

Alibaba Hong Kong Young Entrepreneurs Foundation was launched in 2015 to support Hong Kong's emerging entrepreneurs. In the same year, Alibaba funded the reconstruction of quake-damaged houses in Nepal. 

His retirement from Alibaba happened because of his philanthropic work, educational work, and environmental causes.

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Forbes has given him the 'Malcolm S. Forbes Lifetime Achievement Award' for his support of underprivileged communities in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and China. His name was listed as one of Asia's 2019 Heroes of Philanthropy.

To ease the distress caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, Alibaba Foundation and Jack Ma Foundation launched several initiatives in 2020. It donated medical supplies to several countries, including the United States, Asia, Africa, and Europe.