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Here Are 8 Clever Ways To Find New Business Ideas Using Social Media


We live in a world where social media connects more people worldwide than any other form of technology. Social media platforms allow us to share photos, videos, and messages in real time. You can use social media in many forms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Using these platforms, people can exchange meaningful ideas about any topic. If you read their discussions, you can find their needs and create a business to satisfy them. Here are 8 ways to Use Social Media to Find New Business Ideas.

1.  Follow trending topics

Social media report news as trending topics. Hashtags make it easy to identify them. Twitter is the most popular platform for trending topics. People also air out their problems in trending topics whenever they have a problem. You can see what people are complaining about on these topics. Based on that information, you can come up with solutions.

2.  See the most popular pages

Users of social media platforms like Instagram can create pages and share content related to their interests. Examples include places, activities and challenges they face. Browse through these pages to find out what people buy to achieve their goals. You then build a business providing them with that service.

3.  See what people are currently crowdfunding

Social media gave rise to crowdfunding. Businesses can start by raising enough funds. Entrepreneurs can post their ideas on crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. People on the site can contribute money if they like it. These websites allow you to identify ideas that people are interested in and willing to fund. After that, you can use their business ideas to create your own.

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4. Check out the online feedback on business competition TV shows

Nowadays, there are shows like Dragon's Den and Shark Tank. Entrepreneurs present their small businesses to a group of investors in these shows. Investing in businesses will improve their chances of success. Social media is always buzzing about such shows when they air on television. People share their opinions about these shows. You can read through this chatter to get consumer perspectives. As a result, you can discover what ideas the consumers like and dislike. You can use this to develop social media startup ideas that will appeal to consumers.

5.  Browse through the questions asked on social media

It is common for consumers to ask questions on social media about literally anything and everything. Twitter is a popular place for them to ask questions. You can search for consumer questions on this platform. By doing this, you can discover what they want. You can also discover a gap in the market by asking them what they think of current products.

6.     Keep an eye on the big companies in the industry you would like to break into

Industries make up the business environment. Major companies already invest in these industries. Social media often reports their progress. Promo materials about new products are posted on their pages for everyone to see. Their social media pages show where they are not meeting consumer needs. You can also exploit a weakness in their products or services. You can use social media to get to know big players and start your own company. 

7.  Analyze keywords

Each social media platform has a search bar. You can search for people and groups by entering their names here. It works similarly to a search engine. The search bar lets you see how interested people are in this product. Identify popular products and ideas this way.

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8.  Find out what people are buying in online auctions

eBay is the largest online auction site. Users sell products on eBay in an auction format. The social element of eBay makes it an e-commerce social network as well. You can see who has bought your products after they have ended the auction. You can browse completed auctions on the website, featuring products in the industries that interest you. Therefore, you can see if the products are appealing to consumers. Furthermore, you can learn how much people are willing to spend on these items. With this information, you can generate business ideas.