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7 Low-Investment Business Ideas With High Profits


Many people find starting a business to be a daunting task. The greatest feeling in the world is to live your own life and have your own decisions. Many people do not have the funds to make their dreams of owning their own business come true. Let us show you how! You now have access to a list of low-cost and profitable business ideas so that you can start your own company and pursue your passion.

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Business Ideas with Low Investment in India

1. Dropshipping


Dropshipping is one of the most profitable small business ideas today. It is a way to open an online store without storing any inventory. As a result, you need not invest in inventory to start a business. Dropshipping eliminates the need to purchase or store inventory. Instead, you can focus entirely on marketing and customer service. A store's trustworthiness greatly depends on both its quality and order fulfillment strategy. This makes it one of the best small investment businesses in India. 

A low-investment business idea can also help you test the market first before investing in your products and launching them.


2. Courier Company


The Courier Company in India represents one of the fastest-growing markets, with low operating costs and high profits. There is no doubt that a dramatic shift in eCommerce has promoted the growth of the courier service industry.

Franchises are an alternative to starting from scratch. A few reputable courier companies offer low-cost franchises. They also provide training and technology infrastructure.


3. Online Bakery


A popular small profitable business in India is selling food online. Bakeries are also common. You can start an Online Bakery and give away home-baked recipes to monetize your passion. That's an inexpensive business idea. It requires only an oven and ingredients. Many small businesses can expand rapidly by taking their business online in just a few months, whereas companies such as Ovenfresh took years to become where they are today. Increase your reach by registering your bakery on various online food delivery sites.


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4.  Online Fashion Boutique


India's fashion and lifestyle industry is booming thanks to people becoming more fashion-conscious. In 2025, India's online fashion trade will grow to USD 111.40 billion. An online fashion boutique may make sense for you as a possible profitable business idea. Fashion lovers need not necessarily be fashion designers. Sell your sense of style online for a profit!  Online Fashion Boutique is a low-cost business idea. You can do it from home. Here, customer service, quality products, and fulfillment strategies are essential.


5. Sell a Service


A service-based business relies on your time. Your time is your most valuable resource. Develop a skill others need. You can also Sell a Service as a web designer, photographer, fitness trainer, or calligrapher. Freelancer marketplaces are a great way to find the right people. You can also use your social media handles for marketing and spreading the word.


6. Social Media Agency


Nowadays, most companies market their products online due to the digital age and fierce competition. Advertisers have lots of money to spend on digital channels, such as sponsored social media posts. Your marketing, branding, communication, social media, and presence management skills might make you a great fit at a Social Media Agency. Other companies might also benefit from your skills.


7. Handcrafted Products


Through the internet and technology, artisans have become professionals. A handcrafted business creates its products in-house, unlike a retail store that buys from multiple sources. Their primary focus is to give consumers a personal touch no other company can match.

Candles with various scents are popular with consumers. Unique Handcrafted Products appeal to them. Start with a small batch or start with pre-orders until you generate consistent sales.