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12 High Paying Jobs Without Bachelor’s Degree


Their success and influence are despite the lack of a bachelor's degree. Some people have chosen different paths than traditional education. Despite the beliefs of our culture, our parents, or our inner critics, you can be successful without a degree.

Undergrad campaign work led to countless opportunities. Education is more relevant than a bachelor's degree. Our conversation will include careers that may require an associate's degree, trade school, or apprenticeship. There are ways to earn good money high paying jobs without degree.

Here are 12 high-paying jobs that don't require a bachelor's degree!

1. Solar Photovoltaic Installer

Salary average: $46,470

Growth in jobs: 51%

A solar technician installs and maintains solar panels that convert sunlight into electricity. A solar technician travels from one home or business to the next. Active people who enjoy the outdoors may find this a great fit! The demand for these jobs will increase as this energy source becomes more popular. 51% growth is incredible!  

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1.     2. Sound Engineering Technician

Salary average: $47,420

Growth in employment: 9%

The setup and operation of sound systems are the responsibility of sound technicians at media events. The most common industries for sound technicians are TV, radio, recording studios, and movies. Typically, this job requires a lot of travel and weekend work.

1.    3. Masonry Worker

Salary median: $47,710

Growth of jobs: -3 %

Masons work with brick, stone, and concrete to construct and repair different buildings and structures. It's not an easy job! A heavy lifting job and standing for long periods are part of the job description.

1.     4. Licensed Practical Nurse

Salary average: $48,820

Growth in employment: 9%

Licensed practical nurses (LPNs) provide patient care alongside doctors and registered nurses (RNs). In addition, they collect vital signs and administer medications. Nursing degrees are not necessary for LPNs. Vocational schools are available for the required training. 

1.     5. Carpenter

Salary median: $49520

Growth of jobs: 0%

Even with its age, people can create beautiful and useful objects by hand. A carpenter learns their trade from a master during an apprenticeship.

1.     6. Surgical Technologist

Median salary: $49,710

Growth in jobs: 7%

Surgical technologists assist surgeons and nurses during operations. The staff prepares all instruments for surgery, provides all the doctors with the instruments they need, and prepares the operating room. 

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1.     7. Real Estate Agent

Median salary: $51,220

Growth in jobs: 2% 

Homebuyers and sellers work with real estate agents (or brokers). Real estate is commission-based, so you eat what you kill. As you build your business, you can work long hours or on a part-time schedule. You must enjoy sales and working with people to succeed as a real estate agent. 

1.     8. Sheet Metal Worker

Median salary: $51,370

Growth in jobs: 1%

Workers in sheet metal can work in construction or manufacturing. They fabricate and install metal products. This job requires lifting, bending, and squatting.

1.    9.  Firefighter

Median salary: $52,500

Job growth: 6%

When children consider what career to pursue as adults, they often dream of becoming firefighters. They are heroes after all! Many firefighters also work as emergency medical technicians (EMTs).

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1.     10. Hearing Aid Specialist

The median salary is $52,630

Growth in jobs: 10%

Specialists in hearing aids work with audiologists to fit, repair, and maintain hearing aids. The hearing aids are also tested and screened for effectiveness. There is also a lot of interpersonal interaction in this role. You also get to give people the gift of hearing, which is wonderful!  

1.     11. Wind Turbine Technician

Median salary: $56,230

These large white pinwheels dot the plains of Kansas and other windy parts of the country. The demand for technicians will increase as they become a popular alternative energy source. They maintain and install wind turbines. Those who are afraid of heights should avoid this career because they spend a lot of time outdoors.

1.     12. Plumber

Median salary: $56,330

Growth in jobs: 4%

Plumbers are responsible for installing and repairing piping systems in homes, factories, and businesses. In order to respond to urgent calls (a broken toilet is never good!) plumbers sometimes work at night and on weekends.