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The Science Behind Think And Grow Rich Summary And Concepts


While working as an investigative journalist for a national business magazine, Napoleon Hill interviewed Andrew Carnegie. According to Carnegie, he could build a philosophy on that foundation that would apply to any aspect of a successful life - including money, power, position, prestige, influence, and wealth accumulation. That part of the interview did not appear in Hill's, but it launched the young author on a twenty-year research journey. The book is a condensed and accessible description of Hill's Law of Success philosophy, consisting of ten steps to riches.


Desire: The Basis of All Achievement


Wishing for your desires to come true will not bring you riches. It takes a burning desire, backed by the belief that you will do it, and coupled with a firm knowledge of what one wants, for one to attain any goal in life. The author outlines six steps for making your dreams a reality.


Faith: Visualizing and believing in what you want to accomplish


It is possible to develop an emotional reaction of faith through repeated suggestions to the subconscious, which is necessary to transmute your desires into their physical or monetary counterparts.


Auto-suggestion: A powerful tool for influencing the subconscious


A form of autosuggestion is a technique for communicating with and directing thoughts from the conscious to the subconscious. It transforms your desires into physical reality since the conscious mind can often block sensory input.


Specialized knowledge: Personal observations or experiences


Learning niche knowledge or acquiring general knowledge alone is not enough to accumulate wealth. You must organize and use the knowledge you gain. Forming a mastermind group can provide you with the knowledge you lack to succeed in your business or reach your goals.


Imagination: A Workshop for the Mind


Humans have the unique ability to shape, form, and translate desire into action. Hill views imagination in two ways: as a synthetic mode that combines old ideas or concepts in new ways. And as a creative mode that absorbs ideas from other humans and the ether and connects with Infinite Intelligence to develop fresh thoughts.


Organized Planning: Turning Desire into Action


It is essential to devise a definite, practical plan to convert desire into physical or monetary form. This chapter explains how to build a plan and make sure it works for you.


Decision: Procrastination as Mastery


A leading cause of failure is procrastination and indecision. On the other hand, men and women of great wealth tend to make decisions quickly and change their minds slowly. Here, we will teach you how not to listen to other people's opinions but to consult your mind so you can make firm, productive decisions that assure your success.


Persistence: The Consistent Work Required to Inspire Faith


People tend to give up at the first sign of opposition. To achieve one's goals, willpower, along with desire, is necessary. In napoleon hill think and grow rich's four steps, you'll cultivate persistence, your insurance against failure.


A Master Mind's Power: The Driving Force


In a Master Mind group, individuals with different strengths and perspectives come together to organize their knowledge and efforts towards a defined goal. Moreover, there are economic benefits and psychic benefits from Master Mind groups. 


The Mystery of Sex Transmutation

Transmuting sexual desires and energy into more creative outlets than strictly physical ones is what it means to transmute. Choosing a compatible partner is related to this principle.


A Guide to Outwitting the Six Ghosts of Fear


Before receiving these ten success principles from Think and Grow Rich, you must prepare your mind. Before preparing yourself, you must analyze, study, and grasp your three enemies. Although these fears usually reside in the subconscious mind, six basic fears hold people back from achieving wealth: poverty, criticism, ill health, love loss, old age, and death.